Schoolbag published on 27 Jun 2022

VSB numbers: 180/2022 - 186/2022

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Priority Title Deadline date VSB number
Statutory requirement
EHCP Phase Transfer Process 2022/23 - Post-16 and Post-19 NA 2022/186
Emotionally Based School Avoidance 27 Jun 2022 2022/185
Statutory requirement
Updated EHCP Annual Review report template NA 2022/184
Non-priority Parent and Carer SEND Charter NA 2022/183
Non-priority Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service (SLES) Training Programme for Terms 1 and 2, 2022-23 31 Dec 2022 2022/182
Non-priority Focus Message - June NA 2022/181
For information September Payroll NA 2022/180