Schoolbag published on 27 Nov 2017

VSB numbers: 373/2017 - 381/2017

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Priority Title Deadline date VSB number
Statutory requirement
Admission Arrangements for Community & Voluntary Controlled schools in East Sussex 2019-20: Consultation 26 Jan 2018 2017/381
For information General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 08 Dec 2017 2017/380
For information ICT for Education - Free Conference 1st December NA 2017/379
For information East Sussex Stay Safe Programme 2018 NA 2017/378
For information Publication of a new ‘what works’ resource for those working with pupils and students with SEN NA 2017/377
For information St Mark’s Chartered College of Teaching Network NA 2017/376
For information Schools ICT Newsletter - November 2017 NA 2017/375
For information The BIG Futures Show NA 2017/374
For information NPQSL Development Programme 2017/18 08 Dec 2017 2017/373