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07 Feb 2022
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Assessment Task Group (ATG) – Spring 2022 update

An explanation of how the local authority and schools work together to ensure an oversight of assessment and moderation approaches from Early Years to Key Stage 2 and transition into Key Stage 3.

The Assessment Task Group (ATG) ensures that the local authority discharges its statutory responsibilities to assessment and moderation in a way that meets the guidelines set, but also in ways that work for schools. This involves including schools in the group, but also communicating with the primary and secondary boards, as required.

The ATG approach has provided an open and honest forum for school and local authority staff to discuss and implement changes in assessment processes that suit the needs of the schools yet fulfil statutory requirements.

The ATG is now in its fourth year of activity.

The group meets six times a year, in order to:

  • Maintain oversight of the work across assessment in Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and transition into Key Stage 3.
  • Maintain and develop the East Sussex strategy for assessment.
  • Understand the issues relating to assessment at these stages of education, seeking and agreeing solutions as required.
  • Share key messages with schools, settings and local authority colleagues.
  • Ensuring consistency and transparency regarding assessment and moderation.
  • Consider and make recommendations on matters concerning assessment on transition between key stages.

Examples of activity

  • Approving plans for statutory assessment and moderation at Early Years and key stages 1 and 2.
  • Scoping and brokering a funded non-statutory Early Years moderation offer through Education Improvement Partnerships (EIPs) for 2021/22.
  • Discuss and action plans for the changing requirements imposed by the removal of statutory processes due to Covid-19, including repurposing training and development opportunities.
  • Proposed and steered the SixIntoSeven transition data pilot.
  • Overseeing the Pobble online moderation project, ensuring messages are clear and schools are supported to engage with the project.


The group’s membership has been chosen to reflect a cross section of contexts across East Sussex, from small village schools, to larger schools and LA schools to academies. The membership has changed over time and the group is eager to ensure the views of all concerned are heard and acted upon, where possible.

Membership of the ATG from January of the 2021/22 academic year is as follows:

Bill Roddick, Support and Intervention Manager: School Performance (Chair)

Rowena Dumbrell, Support and Intervention Manager: Early Years

Suzy Heritage, Support and Intervention Manager: Assessment

Serving primary headteachers:

Natalie Rankin, Ark Blacklands Primary Academy

Simon Hughes, Battle & Langton CE Primary School

Vicky Lewis, Pioneer Federation

Kate Owbridge, Ashdown Primary School

Claire O’Rourke, St Mary Star Of The Sea Catholic Primary School

Secondary schools’ representatives from each area group also join each meeting, from the following:

Area Group 1: Zoe James (Beacon Academy), Sophie Coggin (Heathfield Community College), Martin Bradley (Uckfield College)

Area Group 2: Martin Pickup (Cavendish School)

Area Group 3: Pete Tadros (St Richard’s Catholic College), Louisa McKie (Claverham Community College)

Laura Collier, Administration Support Officer


Other colleagues are invited for items if/when required.


Suzy Heritage
Bill Roddick
Support and Intervention Manager: School Performance

Phone: 07920 498244 Mobile