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10 Jun 2019
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22 Aug 2019
2019 Key Stage 4 (GCSE) provisional results

Request for schools and colleges to send provisional results for Key Stage 4 to the local authority on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

2019 Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Results 

As in previous years, the Local Authority is asking schools and colleges to provide a headline summary of their provisional results when the results are received on Thursday 22nd August 2019. This is because the examination boards do not provide the Local Authority with these results until late September, and the elected Members of the county council along with the local Members of Parliament require a provisional overall summary of results before then.

On results day

Please complete – ‘2019 Key stage 4 Results Day collection pro-forma’ and return to the local authority by 11.30am on Thursday 22nd August 2019 via email.

The pro-forma can be found on the following czone page – 2019 KS4 Results  If you would like to fill this in electronically, the percentage numbers will automatically calculate once the pupils’ numbers have been entered. If you choose to print the pro-forma out, we require your percentage figures to be to one decimal place.

The email address to return the pro-forma is

It is understood that the results information provided by schools and colleges in August will be provisional at that time as there will still be appeals waiting for final decisions.

Please note that in accordance with the DfE performance tables, we will be collecting first entry only.

Performance measures to be collected

The measures to be collected are the same as last years collection.

Results day contact at the school

Please could you provide a contact person for your school that will be available on KS4 (GCSE) results day? Please include an email address and telephone number (mobile preferred) so that we can make contact with you on results day if necessary. Please email these details to the Data Research and Information team by Friday 5th July 2019 at the following email address

2019 preliminary reports

The Data, Research and Information team will produce preliminary reports using the data collected on results day. These reports will be circulated to all on the relevant results day. They will also be shared with the Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service and the Communications team in East Sussex County Council.


Please Note: This results day collection is independent of the September GCSE results collection to be carried out. A  communication regarding this will be sent separately.

Mark Roxburgh
Mark Roxburgh
Information Analyst

Phone: 01273 335073