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25 Mar 2019
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, ict technicians of all schools
For information
SIMS Personnel Updates

Please see below for the latest updates to your SIMS Personnel module

National Insurance Rates 

We are pleased to announce that for the first year we have been able to import the N.I tables for all IT10 and IT11 schools, saving you a job. For all IT12 schools we have released patch 24576 for your technician to apply to your SIMS database which will import them for you too.

Superannuation Rates 

Please make sure you have the correct values as below in SIMS

Teachers Pension Rate - 16.48% increasing to 23.68% on 01/09/2019

LGSA Pension Rate - 21.05%

To check the value or update them please see our guidance on our Czone page

Pay Scales 

Please click the following link for he latest pay scales 

If you need guidance on how to update them, please see the help guide here

Georgina Rowlands
Georgina Rowlands
Business Systems Officer

Phone: 01323 747096