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04 Mar 2019
Business managers, bursars and secretaries of selected primary, special schools
Condition Surveys

Property Services are undertaking a 5 year rolling condition survey programme and the first tranche of surveys are to be carried out at your school.

Property Services will be undertaking condition surveys on a five year rolling programme.  To kickstart this work programme off, we have employed BLB Surveyors, who are a consultancy based in Brighton. A letter of introduction will be sent from BLB to those sites appointed under this programme and a prearranged appointment will be made, explaining what’s involved in more detail.  Please be assured all BLB staff undertaking these surveys are DBS checked and will carry photographic identification. Going forward, after the initial phase, Property Services Maintenance Team will be undertaking these surveys in-house and you will be visited by your area surveyor.

Every effort will be made to conduct these surveys with minimal disruption to your day to day activity, by whomever undertakes these works, be it an external or internal team member. Please note the surveyor/engineer will need access to all rooms as far as possible, including boiler rooms and caretaker cupboards.  Should a room be occupied by students, then surveyors/engineers will look through vision panels to assess condition.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Paul Berry (Response Repairs and Condition Survey Team Leader) 07919 298461 or Rachel Bradley (Senior Surveyor) 07794 675711.

Angela Cope
Angela Cope
Orbis Maintenance Manager

Phone: 07792 187334 Mobile