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04 Mar 2019
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Applications are invited by Sussex Mathshub - Teaching for Mastery Work Groups 2019-20

Since 2014, the NCETM and Maths Hubs have been working together to develop approaches to teaching for mastery within primary mathematics.

In 2019/20, all Maths Hubs will be running primary mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups led by Mastery Specialists. This programme is for schools who have a commitment to developing a teaching for mastery approach. Although the participation involves two teachers attending events outside of the school, it is expected that these two teachers lead development across the whole school. Each Maths Hub is now seeking to recruit schools for Work Groups, each involving six or seven schools. This document gives information about the Work Groups and how schools can apply to be involved. The first round closing date is Friday 22 March 2019 when all applications received will be considered and places allocated. A second round with a later closing date will then be run for any unfilled places. It is also important to note that there is no charge for taking part in the Teacher Research Groups and there is some funding to support teacher release time.

Schools in previous cohorts have found the work invaluable in both supporting the work they have already undertaken, and in further ensuring a sustainable and wide-reaching programme of CPD for their individual schools. This is an opportunity to build on the work that we have been promoting in East Sussex with the Accelerating Maths Programmes and really embed this approach in practice across your school.  So with all this and some funding to help there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please see link HERE for further details on how to apply.

The link to the NCETM website can be found HERE

Laura-Jane Marshall
Jonquil King
Primary Consultant Headteacher

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