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25 Mar 2019
Headteachers, sencos of all schools
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Information and support for new SENCos

Are you a new to role SENCo ? If so we would like to know. Support for new SENCos can be provided by our East Sussex Lead SENCos.

New SENCo in your school

In order for ESCC ISEND to be able to provide information and support to all new SENCos in East Sussex, we would like to know if you are either a SENCo that is new to the role or new to East Sussex Local Authority. It would also be useful for us to know if you are a new SENCo in your current school, but have held a SENCo role previously.

If any of the above applies to you, please would you contact Elliot Ridley-Smith from ISEND, East Sussex County Council, with the name of school or schools you work at, email address, contact number (if applicable) and whether you are new-to-role SENCo, new to East Sussex or a new SENCo at your current school but have held a SENCo position previously.

Support for new SENCos

If you are a new-to-role SENCo, or SENCo new to East Sussex, you can access support from your Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) Lead SENCo. The support could range from an email exchange to a school visit.

A school visit from a Lead SENCo will incur a small cost which currently would be decided between schools (for example to cover the supply cost of the Lead SENCo coming from their school to your school.)

This support is available to both primary and secondary phase SENCos.

It is anticipated that in the future a standard cost for this targeted support from Lead SENCOs will be applied.

If you are a new-to-role SENCo or you have a SENCo that is new-to-role and would require additional support then please contact Elliot Ridley-Smith from ISEND and he will be happy to signpost you to your local EIP Lead SENCo.

Telephone: 01273 335365

Additional information for new-to-role SENCos

Lead SENCos will be facilitating a new to role SENCo workshop on Wednesday 5th June 2019 ,morning only. The details of this event will be publicised on East Sussex Learning Portal.



Penny Nice
Penny Nice
Senior Manager : SEN Practice and Standards Manager

Phone: 07717 698662 Mobile