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25 Feb 2019
Governors, headteachers, sencos of all schools
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18 Mar 2019
East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion Update

An update on the East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion.

All Headteachers and SENCos will have recently received a letter regarding the ESQMI (15/02/19) giving a detailed update on the ESQMI process and involvement of schools.

All East Sussex schools were awarded the East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion in June 2018.

The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion consists of a set of Essential Criteria arranged under each of six overarching headings that all our East Sussex schools can demonstrate as part of their inclusive practice.

All schools were sent electronic copies of the East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion.

The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion provides an inclusive framework for all schools to work from, and will support and maintain consistent inclusive practice across our schools.

Practice expected for The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion will aid educational settings to identify areas for development feeding directly into school improvement, and areas of potential excellence. The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion is predominantly for children with SEND, however this documentation refers to other vulnerable groups who require early intervention to ensure they do not develop an SEN.

All documentation to support schools in the completion of the Quality Mark can be found on Czone 

The website for online submission of school ESQMI information is now live and can be found via the below weblink:

The submission of the data via the website should not be an onerous task. The Essential Criteria can be completed beforehand (using the paper version available on Czone) and then submitted by your school admin. The feedback from schools (as referenced in the letter of 15/02/19) who have completed this exercise is very positive, with it being straight forward and taking approximately half an hour maximum.

The submission of schools’ response to the Essential Criteria is only the very start of a process that is supporting continued development and self-reflection of inclusive practice. This process supports the on-going and developmental process in schools to move to a position of a whole school approach to SEND.

This inclusive framework provides an opportunity to develop a shared view and responsibility for SEND across the whole school community, and it is clear that this is not work solely for the school SENCO.

The deadline for online submission of school response using the Essential Criteria document to the ESQMI is the 18th March 2019.

If schools require any further advice or support please contact the ESQMI Inbox:


Penny Nice
Penny Nice
Senior Manager : SEN Practice and Standards Manager

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