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25 Feb 2019
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SIMS Accreditation 2019 - Online survey starts next week

The quality of the SIMS support, training and consultancy from Schools ICT Services is being assessed by Capita to ensure it meets high standards.

A crucial part of the assessment is an online survey that is sent to all schools.

This will be your opportunity to feedback on the service you receive from Schools ICT.

Capita will email each school directly explaining what the survey is and how to access it. Included in each email is a unique link; this ensures that every school’s response is recorded against their establishment.

The first day of the survey is Monday 4th March and will run until Friday 15th March – please keep a look out for the email. Your assistance in completing these surveys is crucial to our success in remaining an accredited team (which does provide some benefits for schools using our support services).

If you wish to  by viewing the questions in advance click the link below to view the School Survey Preparation document on our Czone pages.

School survey preparation document

Please read the introduction carefully - remember the actual survey is online (and accessed via the email from Capita)

 All schools who complete the survey by Friday 15th March will be automatically entered into a draw for which the prize is a 7” tablet.

Helpful questions and answers

How do SIMS users in schools benefit from the Accreditation Service?

  • The Accreditation process is designed to inspect all aspects of SIMS support and is intended to ensure that our support meets high standards of effectiveness.

How does a SIMS support team achieve accreditation?

  • Half of the process involves completing a comprehensive self-evaluation. The other half asks schools supported by Schools ICT to complete a survey to ensure your views are recorded.

  • Minimum response levels and scores are defined for this survey which must be reached in order for a support team to achieve accreditation.

What should I do if another member of staff would be better placed to answer the survey?

  • It is advised that the school respondent seeks the views of any relevant school staff before completion of the survey. However, if you feel that an alternative member of staff should respond, simply forward the email invitation to them.

How long does it take to do the survey?

  • Completing the online survey should take 10-15 minutes, less if you have prepared in advance (see attached Preparation Document). It would be useful to seek the opinions of a variety of users in your school who carry out different functional roles to ensure that your school’s response is as accurate as possible.

How do I access the online survey?

  • Schools ICT has provided Capita with a contact email address for each school and at the beginning of the survey an invitation is sent by email from The email contains a unique link to the survey; you do not need a password to access your survey.

Do I only get one chance to complete the survey?

  • No. You may resubmit your school's response as many times as you like before the closing date of the survey; only the last submission by the school will be added to the overall results.

Do I have to complete the survey in one go?

  • You must complete all sections of the survey and submit the responses in order for your answers to be saved. You may if you wish resubmit your school’s responses at any time before the close of the survey.

How long do I get to complete the survey?

  • The survey will be open for two weeks; from Monday 4th March until Friday 15th March . You may resubmit your response at any time within this period as only the last submission will be taken. If your survey is inactive for 20 minutes then it will time out and you will lose any responses that you have already provided so please ensure that you have time to complete all responses in one session.

Can I go back to a previous page?

  • Yes. You may navigate to the previous section by clicking on the relevant arrow at the top of the page however you will not be able to move to the next section of the survey until all questions in the current section have been answered. In order to submit your school’s survey all sections must be completed.

Can Schools ICT Services see the scores I give them?

  • Whilst the survey is active the Schools ICT can see which schools have responded and any comments that they make but not the scores. At the end of the accreditation assessment Schools ICT is provided with a complete set of results which details the scores given by each school.

If I have problems, who do I get in touch with?

  • If you have any queries about any aspect of the survey or its completion please contact the Schools ICT service desk on 01273 482519 or email at and we will contact Capita on your behalf.

  • Very occasionally an error message is received when submitting the survey. If this occurs please do not complete the survey again but contact us and we will confirm with Capita that your survey responses have been received.

GDPR Compliance

  • Capita guarantees that the email address provided by your support team will only be used by the Accreditation team for the purposes of sending out the school survey and not for any other purpose.
Tom Forbes
Tom Forbes
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