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11 Feb 2019
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, governors, headteachers of all schools
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East Sussex Services to Schools Conference 2019

We held our annual Services to Schools Conference at the East Sussex National last Thursday. This gives your Bursars and Business Managers time out of the office to network, seek new suppliers and receive updates for the forthcoming financial year. 

Our Keynote Speaker, Sir John Jones delivered a truly inspirational speech. He really connected with each and every individual in the room, with the vast majority of delegates saying this was the best Keynote they had ever seen. Sir John was Knighted in 2003 for his Services to Education. He spent most of his career working in the North West turning challenging schools around. He really focussed on what it means to be a Bursar in a school, and how non-teaching staff have a huge impact on the learning and development of pupils. His book, ‘The Magic Weaving Business’ goes further into this, but the snippet that the delegates had in the first hour of the conference had a hugely positive impact.

We also ran three workshop sessions to give a real clear focus on CPD time for your staff. These topics were what delegates had asked for throughout the year, and all sessions were interactive, practical and focussed to really achieve a positive learning outcome and environment. We covered:
• The Art of Negotiation
• Grant Maximisation
• Apprenticeships: recruitment, management and beyond.

So far, we’ve had 91 delegates respond to our feedback survey, with 98% saying that they would attend again next year. The common theme coming from delegates was that the day was informative, engaging and extremely useful in taking key knowledge back to their school.

We have already begun to work on the conference for next year, and we do hope to see your school there again! If you have any questions or would like to know more about the conference please contact Sam McManus, Services to Schools Manager on 01323 747430.

Samantha McManus
Samantha McManus
Service to Schools Manager

Phone: 07919 298416