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11 Feb 2019
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ESCC jobs site - amended advertising deadlines

The ESCC jobs site is being updated - this will mean some temporary changes to our advertising schedules in March and April.

As you might know, ESCC uses an online recruitment system to recruit to vacancies in our corporate departments, which applicants access via the jobs pages at Following the expiry of our contract with our current recruitment system provider, we have procured a new recruitment system, which will go live from 1 April.

For schools, this won't mean any changes to the advertising and recruitment process, but in the short term it will mean some amendments to the weekly schedules for advertising on the ESCC jobs site:

  • Vacancies submitted by midday on 13 March will go live on Friday 15 March. These vacancies must have a closing date no later than 31 March, as this will be the last day they can appear on the current jobs site.
  • Vacancies submitted by midday on 20 March will go live on Friday 22 March, but as above should not have a closing date later than 31 March.
  • It will not be possible to place any adverts during the week of 25 March. Vacancies submitted by midday on 3 April will go live on Friday 5 April. Following this, our normal advertising schedule will resume.

If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Support Team on 01273 335733.

Nicholas Earley
Shaun Kevern
Team Leader - Recruitment

Phone: 01273 335733