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04 Feb 2019
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, ict technicians of all schools
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18 Mar 2019
Important technical changes to the Teacher App

Capita will be making an update to the Teacher App, this is due to Microsoft retiring their support for the "Access Control Service" (ACS).

The impact on the Teacher App and any other software company using this protocol is that from 18th March 2019 anyone using ACS will have service requests failing.

What needs to be updated? 

Capita will be releasing new versions of Teacher App and SSM packages. We advise administrators to make sure that the SSM package is updated. All Teacher App users will need to download and update the latest Teacher App from the app store. The actual version of the app will be made available on the day of the release.

What if I have SSM Set to update packages automatically?

For schools that have made these settings in SSM, when the new Data and Login packages are released, those schools will automatically update and once the Teacher App has been updated by individual users/teachers (from the Apple Store or Microsoft Store) it will continue to work. Schools who have not chosen to update SSM automatically will need to update manually, on the day of the release which is the 31st of January.

You must ensure that the Teacher App has been updated by individual users/teachers (from the Apple Store of Microsoft Store) otherwise it will not work.

What can I do if Teacher App is not working after I have applied the updates?

  • These changes do not impact the everyday use of SIMS. If Teacher App is not working users can use SIMS for taking registers as an alternative.
  • If it is not possible to use SIMS to take register, manual registers can be printed from SIMS for teachers by selecting the menu route Reports | Attendance (Lesson Monitor) | Manual Entry | Print Registration Sheet.
  • If you continue to have problems with TeacherApp after you have made the updates to SSM and users/teachers have updated the App itself (from Apple Store or Microsoft Store), please contact Schools ICT Services on 01273 482519

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Georgina Rowlands
Georgina Rowlands
Business Systems Officer

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