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15 Oct 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, headteachers, ict technicians of all schools
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19 Oct 2018
SAM: Newly updated booklets available on Czone – Changes to on-roll Numbers recording

We can confirm that new SAM Guidance Booklets are now available via Czone, for both Own and Non Own Admissions Schools.

Please ensure that any older versions of the booklet are removed/recycled, to minimise the risk of old processes being followed.

There have been minor changes to the process, which have been outlined below, as well as a reminder to process changes that took place within the 2017/18 academic year.

Updated points;

For all Schools

  • All Schools are to report their current on-roll numbers via the email communication you receive from the Admissions & Transport Team. The process of adding the up to date on-roll numbers through the Round Management screen in SAM is not to be used anymore.

Reminders For Non Own Admissions Schools

Ordering applications in order of assigned 'rule'

  • When viewing the Query Preferences Report in SAM, the 'Criteria' column is used to order applications in order to assigned 'rule'. The rules, which are assigned by the Admissions Team will not display in this column. This is expected functionality and is a current limitation of the software. (A change request has been logged).
  • Any rules that are showing in there have been historically added by the school (usually before they realised that they do not need to do this anymore)
  • Schools are not to attempt to assign rules (criteria) themselves. Rules will be assigned when the application is downloaded and imported into SAM by the Admissions Team.
  • Click on the Criteria column heading (within Query Preference Report) once to sort into highest rule at the top, lowest rule at the bottom.

ATF's for Phased Intakes

  • ATF files for Phased intake only – if SAM is updated with late allocations, and an updated ATF is re imported into SIMS (after an ATF has already been imported before) any manually updated info on applications (e.g. applicant/parental address, telephone etc.) may be overwritten (if not deselected in the ATF import routine).

On-site Training Available (includes SAM Health Check)

On-site training for SAM is available, either for new users, or as a refresher. On-site SAM training is delivered using your own school's live data. One of the many benefits is what we can now complete a full SAM health check as part of the on-site training.

If you wish to book, please complete and return a booking form to Booking form can be downloaded from the SIMS Czone page.

As always please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further help or support.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kate Box
Kate Box
Business Systems Consultant

Phone: 01323 747068