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08 Oct 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, headteachers of all primary, secondary, special schools
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GDPR Training sessions - available for all school

Don’t know your IAR from your ROPA?

Or a PIA from the ICO?

Unsure about what the new data protection regulations actually mean for schools and their staff?

Not convinced that you have everything in place to be compliant under the new law?

Don’t worry as East Sussex County Council’s experienced Information Governance Team are holding a series of training events aimed at addressing the questions and concerns schools have about GDPR.

The information governance team are running four sessions during the autumn term: two aimed at giving all school staff a practical guide to GDPR and two to provide specific guidance for GDPR leads within schools.


GDPR overview - information session suitable for all school staff

9:30am-12:30pm on Wednesday 21st November (GDPR07)


5:30pm-8:30pm on Thursday 29th November (GDPR10)

Venue: The Civic Centre, Uckfield, East Sussex. TN22 1AE

Audience: Suitable for all school staff and governors

Session aim: Provide an overview of the legislation and day-to-day impact within a school setting.

  • The session will cover everything from what the GDPR actually is through to what this really means for staff in schools, including guidance on data breaches and subject access requests.
  • The session will incorporate a range of case studies and examples to demonstrate how the GDPR impacts everyone working within a school setting.


GDPR workshop - Designed for GDPR leads in schools

1:30pm-4:30pm on Wednesday 21st November (GDPR08)


1:30pm-4:30pm on Thursday 29th November (GDPR09)

Venue: The Civic Centre, Uckfield, East Sussex. TN22 1AE

Audience: This session is more suitable for GDPR leads or members of staff whose roles require them to have a deeper understanding of the new legislation, for example: Headteachers and SLT, Business Managers and Bursars or office staff.

Session aim: To explore elements of the GDPR in more detail including:

  • Advice on security breach procedures
  • Guidance on how to deal with subject access requests effectively
  • When and how to conduct Data Processing Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Advice on relevant legal bases to support the production of the school ROPA.

This session will build upon the topics covered in previous school sessions and will still be useful even if the information governance team has already visited your school to conduct training.

This session can be tailored to suit specific requests or enquiries so let the team know if there is a particular data protection issue you would like covered or question you want answered. Chances are there is another school out there asking something similar!


Both sessions will also provide an opportunity for networking where school staff will be able to talk to colleagues from other settings about the impact of GDPR and share their solutions to common data protection problems.


One key requirement for all schools under GDPR is that they have “appropriate organisational measures” in place to meet the needs of this new regulation (GDPR Recital 78). One way in which schools can demonstrate that they have met this requirement is by ensuring that their staff have received adequate training on the subject and these two sessions are a perfect way to achieve this.


For schools that have bought into the DPO traded service (IG4 or IG5) - this training is free for up to five members of staff, as attendance here is counted as one of the training sessions included as part of the DPO package.

The sessions are also open to schools that have not bought into the DPO traded service at a cost of £75 per person per session.

If you would like further information on the range of traded offer options available, please take a look at the Services2Schools website (under Information Governance) or contact the Children’s Services Information Governance team at


Ben Baker
Information Governance Team Children's Services

Phone: 01273 481471