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08 Oct 2018
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RAISE online replacement service: Analyse School Performance (ASP)

In 2017 the Department for Education (DfE) launched an updated and improved version of 'Analyse School Performance (ASP)'. Since then the login process has changed.

In October 2017 SLES published this schoolbag, which explained how to log in to ASP using Secure Access.

Since then the DfE has changed the way users sign in to ASP and this is now done through ‘DfE Sign-in’. This appears to be one stage in a migration process away from Secure Access to DfE Sign-in.

If you are using DfE Sign-in for the first time you can use your Secure Access login details to create a DfE Sign-in account. Once you have created your account you will no longer use your Secure Access details to login. Your details are migrated to DfE Sign-in, with a new password that you have set up yourself. There is a guide.

If users missed the migration email earlier this year this is all they have to do to retrieve their access to ASP.

However, if this is the first time a school is trying to log in to ASP, we understand this will need to be done via DfE Secure Access until the migration to DfE Sign-in is complete. In this case we believe the original instructions from last year should be used.  This also applies if schools are setting up new users.

DfE Frequently Asked Questions.

SLES are unable to provide individual support to schools in order to access ASP but will try to update schools if this guidance changes.

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