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01 Oct 2018
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ESBAS updates on core referrals criteria, attendance guidance, CME policy and off-rolling expectations

The attendance guidance and CME policy have been updated and the CZONE link is contained within this VSB.  There are also changes to the referral process for core attendance.

The updated ESCC Attendance Guidance and CME Policy can be found at this link .

The criteria for core attendance referrals have been changed over the summer break.  A pupil will now need to have attendance lower than 85% and have at least 10 unauthorised absences in the last 6 weeks.  The referral will need to be accompanied by an up to date registration certificate, letters to parents to identify the attendance issue, a record of a meeting with the parent to discuss the issue where targets were set and the review of the targets.  There will also need to be a pupil voice (or an explanation of why a pupil voice was not possible) and an additional needs plan (or the assess, plan, do, review sheet) and/or an individual health care plan.

A CME referral will need to be accompanied by the CME checklist, which can be found with the CME referral form.

Finally, please ensure that the person responsible for off-rolling is aware and has read the page in the attendance guidance on how to off-roll.

Adam Brazier
Adam Brazier
Service Manager, ESBAS

Phone: 01273 481967