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01 Oct 2018
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Do you have a privacy notice for governors and volunteers?

Updated template for governors/volunteers privacy notice now available.

Don’t forget that “providing accessible information to individuals about the use of personal information (data) is a key element of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” and you should be doing this through your school privacy notice.

Under GDPR, schools have a responsibility to ensure that they have privacy notices in place to cover all the data subjects whose information they process. Whilst many schools now have these in place to cover student and staff data (updated templates for these were sent out in the Virtual School Bag on 24th September - VSB ref:2018/283 ), there may be other individuals involved in a voluntary capacity with the school whose data is not covered by these existing privacy notices, for example governors or parent helpers.

Given that the type of data you hold about volunteers and your legal bases for processing that information may be different to that held about students or staff, it is important that schools have a privacy notice in place to cover this group.

For those schools who have bought into our traded offer, we now have a template available on the resources page of the Services2Schools website to help with this. The Privacy Notice templates have just been updated in line with the very latest guidance from both the ICO and DfE to make it as easy as possible for you to apply these in your own school.

You can access both the amended templates and our updated guidance on how to adapt these for use in your school on  the Services2Schools site in the Resources > Information Governance > Privacy notice section. If you are unsure if your school privacy notices are compliant, please contact the team on

For those schools currently unable to access the above templates, please note that we have an Information Governance traded offer available where advice and guidance can be sought from our team of experienced Information Governance Officers.  If you would like further information on the range of traded offer options available, please take a look at the Services2Schools website.

Ben Baker
Information Governance Team Children's Services

Phone: Information Governance Team Children's Services