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15 Oct 2018
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October is Black History Month (BHM)

Black History Month is held every October in Britain. It is a month to remember important Black people and events in Black history and to celebrate Black culture and Black people’s contribution to life in today’s multicultural Britain.

Black History Month offers us the chance to celebrate black culture and Black people’s contribution to the arts, music and life as well as helping people to understand more about racism and the slave trade.

Black History Month gives schools an ideal opportunity and stimulus to embrace cultural diversity and enrich their curriculum by celebrating the achievements of Black and minority ethnic people through study themes and assemblies. The context of Black History month can be a good time to help children explore issues of identity such as prejudice based bullying and racism.  A better understanding of difference and diversity are key to help fostering good relationships between children and their communities.

Black History Month offers the opportunity to enrich cultural diversity and enable the school community to celebrate as well as encourage participation from their community and wider in the understanding of educational and historical awareness. Such opportunities enable schools to identify where they have provided for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and meet requirements under the Equality Act 2010.

Schools can buy the official Black history month resource pack:

BBC has some interesting resources for primary:

Tes and Twinkl also have dowloadable resources.

Czone has some ideas for activities as well as links to national and local resources:

Here is our race equality guidance:

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Charlotte Papworth
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