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01 Oct 2018
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Admission to Junior School in September 2019

Arrangements for the junior transfer process for September 2019 are set out below.

Transfer to Junior schools in September 2019

Arrangements for the junior school transfer process for September 2019 are set out below and it would be helpful if the person at your school responsible for the administration of the process is made aware of the content of this circular. It would be helpful if you could encourage parents to apply online rather than making a paper application. You are also reminded that we no longer send booklets and application forms to parents. Instead they are given a leaflet advising how to apply and view the booklet online. Parents can, however, still request a paper application if they are unable to apply online.


The admission arrangements for junior applications will be processed at the same time as those for children starting school for the first time and I have enclosed a timetable for your information. The timetable has a column for 'Action required by schools ' so you will be able to follow the actions necessary throughout the school year.

Children in the transfer group

We are able to identify the children in Year 2 from infant schools monthly census returns. Unfortunately, some parents give false addresses in an effort to obtain a place at the school of first preference. It would be helpful, therefore, when parents do indicate a change of address that the current school checks to ensure the new address is the child's permanent place of residence and valid. Parents should be asked to provide documentary evidence in support of their application in cases of doubt. If you have any issues regarding addresses submitted for admission purposes please do make us aware of these.

The admission process

The booklet 'Apply for a school 2019-2020' is now available for parents to view or download from our website where parents can also apply online. A supply of leaflets explaining how to apply for a school place will be sent to you shortly, these should be distributed to every child in Year 2. Parents who cannot apply online and require an application form should ring 0300 330 9472 and request one. We no longer provide 'hard' copies of the booklet but any relevant part of the booklet can be printed if a parent requires this.

Please note in our published arrangements we have made it very clear that if parents are not seeking a junior school transfer but would prefer their child to transfer to a primary school, then they will need to apply for an in year transfer to Year 3 at the beginning of June 2019.

The closing date for junior school applications is 15 January 2019. Parents have been asked to return paper applications direct to us but if you do receive any they should be forwarded to the Admissions team [date stamped] as soon as they are received. Late applications will be accepted but might not be considered at the initial allocation stage. Furthermore, it may not prove possible for us to allocate the school that featured as their preference as by then all available places may have been allocated.

Early or delayed transfer to junior school

Children will normally transfer with their peer group. Some children will be being taught of their chronological year group or are a summer-born deferred child. If you are aware of a child at your school that is being taught of their chronological year group please let us know, the parents may still need to make an application and request a deferral in order to continue in this year group at their junior school.

School Access Module [SAM]

SAM allows direct access to the admissions database where junior schools can view applications and, for those schools responsible for their own admissions, process their applications by assigning criteria and ranking applications at the appropriate time.

There is also provision for infant schools to verify addresses given on the applications and for junior schools to verify where sibling connections have been claimed.

Some parents will forget to complete an application by the closing date. Infant schools will be aware through SAM of those Year 2 children where an application has not been made and it would be helpful, therefore, if their parents could be reminded that they need to do so.

You may wish to contact Customer Relations if you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining forms from parents. This is particularly important where children come from socially deprived families or where families may have difficulty in understanding the process. Colleagues in ESBAS would also be happy to assist if you are unable to obtain the necessary application.

Offer of places

Emails will be released to parents on the National Allocation Day which this year is 16 April 2019. Any allocation letters will be sent direct to the parent from this office by 1st class mail on this date.  

Schools will be able to view their allocations through SAM and be able to record acceptance of places via SAM before importing this data into the SIMs system at the appropriate time.

If you have any questions about the admissions processes this year please contact the School Admissions Team

David Taylor
Guy Thorndyke
Senior Admissions and Transport Officer

Phone: 0300 3309472