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08 Oct 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, headteachers, sencos of all primary, secondary, all-through schools
Setting up or amending the SEN Matrix Band Descriptions for Mainstream Schools in SIMS


From September 2018, changes will be applied to the mainstream funding descriptions on the local authority database (please see VSB 2018/269 The Revised East Sussex SEN Matrix).  To help support these changes in SIMS, updated guidance is now available on CZone.


If you have been using SIMS to record resource allocations for SEN students, guidance is now available on CZone outlining how to make the neccessary changes to reflect the revised East Sussex SEN Matrix.

If you have not been using SIMS to record this information and wish to, this is also explained in the guidance via the following link:


The changes are as follows:

Children and Young People previously recorded as:

Sustained & Comprehensive A                  have transferred to Targeted Support A

Sustained & Comprehensive B                  have transferred to Targeted Support B                   

Significant & Personalised Support A         have transferred to Enhanced Support A

Significant & Personalised Support B         have transferred to Enhanced Support B

The top-up values have not changed.

Lisa Piggott
Lisa Piggott
Training Consultant

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