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17 Sep 2018
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A brief piece of guidance for instances of drones overflying schools.

There have been recent reports of drones overflying, or hovering above, at least three schools whilst they are in session. 

On at least one occasion the drone was being used by estate agents, but, without knowing why the drone is there it can cause concern. If you see a drone:

  • Photograph or film the drone.
  • Report it to the police on 101, or via the Sussex Police website.
  • If there are concerns about breaches of privacy, contact the information commissioner.

Drones need line of sight to operate, so the user will be close by. A judgement can be made whether to make enquiries of the pilot if they are seen. An explanation will always be helpful, but if not, a physical description and car index etc., is good intelligence for the police.  


Julian Patmore
Julian Patmore
Strategic Resilience and Outdoor and Activities Provider Manager

Phone: 01273 482849