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24 Sep 2018
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Want a free health check clinic at your school? (ESCC maintained schools only)

All eligible ESCC maintained schools staff aged 40-74 can now have a free NHS Health Check at work, during the working day. You are not eligible if you have already been diagnosed with:

 - cardiovascular disease or atrial fibrillation

- high blood pressure or cholesterol

- kidney disease

- diabetes

This 'mini health MOT' and any follow up support offered are completely free and confidential.

This is a joint venture between Public Health (East Sussex) and HR. We have appointed a company called ToHealth to deliver these checks on our behalf.

Interested in having a clinic at your school? Read on…

To hold a clinic at your school, we will need the following:

  • A private room that is a minimum of 2m x 2m in size, with a power point, a desk and two chairs.
  • A minimum of five eligible people per day. ToHealth can see up to 15 people a day and can come back on as many days as is needed, all free of charge.

If you can meet these criteria, please contact ToHealth directly via email to

Not enough people for a clinic at your school? Don’t worry.

If you don't have a suitable room available, or if you don’t have enough eligible people at your school or enough that want a check, you can visit one of the bigger council sites in Lewes, Eastbourne, St Leonards, Crowborough, Newhaven or Uckfield. For locations, dates and to book, please visit the booking portal here.  More dates and locations will be added over the coming weeks.

Vicky Graham (HR)
Vicky Graham
HR Consultant (Wellbeing)

Phone: 01273 482068