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10 Sep 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, governors, headteachers of all schools
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Welcome back from the Apprenticeship team.

Good morning all. We hope you had a wonderful summer. Over the holidays, we have been looking to improve the Apprenticeship offer for you.

We have some new suggestions, and would like to share some good news with you about apprenticeships in schools so far……

So where are we now?

We now have a whopping 65 learners enrolled on apprenticeships, with another 20 due to enrol this September. The courses being undertaken range from Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, Accountancy, Laboratory Technicians and many more.

We would like to thank the schools that are supporting learners at the moment. We are really pleased to see so many schools being able to use the levy to real benefit. We are going to be releasing some case studies next month, so you can see how creative some schools are being, and how much value they are getting back from the levy. Please take the time to look at them, to see how the levy can be used, and as ever, get in touch so that I can help you use the levy. We are happy to come and look at the options for you, so please email me at It’s important to take action, as from April next year, you will start to be unable to recoup what you have spent out in the preceding 24 months. 

We have our first cohort of learners on the School Business Professional Apprenticeship starting this month, and we are really excited to see the benefit that this will bring to our schools both in the short term, as the learners skills are increased, but in the long term too, using the apprenticeship to help fill a skills gap within our schools.

So what’s on the horizon?

We have recently worked with the LGA to share our best practice, but also to look at how other authorities are using the levy. One of the great ideas that has come from this is that you can use your Sports Premium to pay towards the salary for a direct entry apprentice who undertakes the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport

You are able to use the Sports premium towards the salary, and the levy pays for the actual training. Having a PE and school sport focused apprenticeship covers a lot of different aspects and it is an effective way to spend your PE and school sport premium.

How can the support from an apprentice benefit the school?

In line with your PE and school sport plan, the support from an apprentice can help you to increase the levels of physical activity on the playground by working with play leaders to facilitate games.

One of the key benefits is how the apprentice can reduce the strain on your teachers as they can work closely with your PE Coordinator to organise clubs as well as intra and inter school competitions once they gain experience and confidence within the role. This is an ideal opportunity to invest in a PE Apprentice to support the delivery of PE and School Sport within your school, so contact me at

As always, we will continue to offer the supporting teaching and learning in schools level 2 and 3 on a roll on roll off basis, which is proving hugely popular. We currently have 40 learners undertaking these fantastic qualifications and our schools are using a large amount of money (around £100,000) from the levy to upskill their learning support staff. To start using your levy to upskill your learning support staff contact

To find out how you can utilise the apprenticeship levy before you start to lose it, book your appointment for us to come and visit your school by contacting or 


Kim Larkin
kim larkin
apprentice programme coordinator

Phone: 01273 336591