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10 Sep 2018
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Attendance and exclusion data collection 2018-19

The arrangements for collecting attendance and exclusions data for 2018-19 are detailed in this article.

As you are aware, we now draw down attendance and exclusions data directly from SIMS at the beginning of each month, meaning that for most schools and academies, the job of sending the data has been removed.

However, for some schools, the automatic draw down of data is still not possible and therefore the data will need to be sent manually to ESBAS.  So that this process is in line with the automatic draw down, we now request that this is done monthly.  The schedule and all other instructions can be found here 

The DfE statutory guidance for attendance (School Attendance – October 2014) states that maintained schools, academies and Free Schools, must agree with the local authority a regular interval to return data.  Our locality agreement is that we collect attendance data (Persistent Absence, and whole school data grouped by analysis code) and fixed term exclusions monthly to ensure we have data for all schools each term.

if you have any queries about this, including how your school's data is collected, please contact or on 01273 481967.

Adam Brazier
Adam Brazier
Service Manager, ESBAS

Phone: 01273481967