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10 Sep 2018
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Midday Supervisory Assistants (MDSAs) and INSET days

MDSAs are contracted to work inset days.

Following a recent query and extensive consultation with the colleagues in the HR Advisory Team, it has transpired that MDSAs are contracted to work on INSET days. 

The School's HR Handbook has been amended and is available on the Webshop for download.  

Schools will need to make sure they provide work for their MDSAs on all INSET days in the academic year.

If by mutual agreement a MDSA does not work on an INSET day, the school must record a special unpaid leave absence on SIMS and on the absence report. If by mutual agreement a MDSA works longer than their daily contracted hours, then a claim form will need to be submitted for payment of the hours worked in excess.

Employee Services sincerely apologise for not having identified the error previously.

Kerry McHardy
HR Advisory Team

Phone: 01273 481300
Email: N/A