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10 Sep 2018
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ISEND/ CITES Enhanced Pathway for Speech, Language and Communication Needs

The Communication Learning and Autism Support Service (CLASS) have been working closely with Speech and Language Therapy colleagues from CITES to develop an enhanced pathway for school-aged children with speech, language and communication needs. As of Term 1 2018 the school based referral pathway for CITES regarding speech, language and communication needs will be through the ISEND Front Door.

For school staff who are concerned about the speech, language and/ or communication needs of a school-aged child, the referral pathway to the Children's Integrated Therapy and Equipment Service (CITES) is now via the ISEND Front Door. This is to ensure that the child's needs are considered in a holistic way, and are supported by services through a joint working approach. This is an enhanced pathway, all other referral routes into CITES remain the same.

The Front Door referral form has been amended accordingly, in order to collect the necessary information for referral allocation. It can be accessed via the following link:

When triaging referrals that come through the Front Door, Identified Professionals will continue to ensure that a holistic view of the child is taken. Referrals will be passed on to CITES as part of a package of support where this is appropriate.

For any further information or queries please contact CLASS directly on or make contact with your CLASS Link Advisor. Alternatively, contact can be made with the Speech and Language Therapy department at CITES


Rachel Ash
Rachel Ash
Service Manager Specialist Support

Phone: 01273 336893