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10 Sep 2018
Headteachers, pastoral care leaders, sencos, teachers and teaching assistants of all schools
Referrals to Community Paediatricians

The Community Paediatricians, alongside Educational Psychologists and other professionals, have updated the Multidisciplinary Information Gathering Form and advice to schools when referring a child, or when asked for information by the Community Paediatricians when seeing a child for the first time or for follow up.

The new multidisciplinary Information Gathering Form (MIFG) and explanatory letter can be found on CZone within the ISEND Services, Educational Psychology Service Resources page.  Links to both are available via the below link.

Multidisciplinary Information Gathering Form & Guidance

Schools can, and should, refer directly to Community Paediatrics.  There is no need to ask the family to go to their GP.  However, it is essential that the MIFG is completed and clear evidence provided as part of the referral. 

 Please read the explanatory letter to ensure the correct pathways and procedures are followed.

The Community Paediatric Team look forward to continuing to work closely with schools to secure the best outcomes for children and young people.



Tracy Mander
Tracy Mander
ISEND Services Support Officer

Phone: 01273 482967