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16 Jul 2018
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24 Jul 2018
Register to be involved in the Make Your Mark national ballot of youth issues

Register now to give your students a voice in the national ballot of youth issues.  Your school will be sent the breakdown results of the issues of most concern to your students in October 2018.

Head teachers are urged to register to be involved in the national ballot of youth issues by the end of term – Make your Mark. Once registered your school will be sent ballot papers or a link to online voting by September.

Make Your Mark, run by UK Youth Parliament, gives 11-18 year olds a chance to decide on the issues that Members of Youth Parliament will take forward to debate at the House of Commons in November 2018 and vote for their leading 2019 campaign.

Nearly 8,000 East Sussex young people voted in the Make Your Mark last year - a fantastic achievement!

What we request that schools do…

July 2018

·       Register using the online form


·       Printed ballots arrive directly to your school


·       Run the vote

End of October

·       Results emailed to your school




UK Youth Parliament

Three Members of the UK Youth Parliament and three Deputies are elected from the East Sussex Youth Cabinet. This gives young people a fantastic platform to debate the Make your Mark issues nationally, including attending the annual debating opportunity in the House of Commons -

Natasha Cummings
Natasha Cummings
Participation Worker

Phone: 01273 335253