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16 Jul 2018
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Update - Bank Details Forms

Update on new starters bank details procedure


Since the implementation of GDPR, we have had to become much more meticulous in terms of the paperwork we are accepting.

Many of the bank details forms we are receiving are older versions. This could mean that the information provided on the form for the employee’s benefit is no longer relevant and therefore breaks compliance with GDPR. This communication aims to outline the steps which need to be taken to ensure your employees are completing the most up to date and GDPR compliant forms:

  • We will now only be accepting the newest version of the form, which can be found in the ‘personnel forms’ tab on Webshop.
  • Payroll have confirmed that they will no longer be accepting older versions or P46 forms, non-compliance with this matter may cause delays in individuals’ pay.
  • The individual’s tax details will be completed on the second page. There is no need to send a P46, as this form is now redundant.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Rachel Lott
Payroll Team

Phone: 01273 337400