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09 Jul 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, headteachers of all schools
Save Energy this Summer

As schools prepare to close for the Summer, the Energy Team would like to remind schools that easy cost and carbon savings can be made by ensuring that no equipment is left on over the summer break.

It is important to make arrangements for the summer holiday close-down, from an energy-saving perspective. Obviously, we are aware that some schools are operational during summer so some consumption is necessary. However, it is advisable to save both kilowatts and pounds over the summer period where schools are able. Some equipment you might want to check before closing the schools for the summer include:

  • Lighting (internal and external)
  • Projectors/electronic whiteboards/televisions
  • Water heaters (urns in staff rooms, point-of-use heaters at taps etc)
  • Laptop/tablet charging stations
  • Computers
  • Printers/photocopiers
  • Kitchen equipment (extractor fans, fridges/freezers on lower setting etc)
  • Air-conditioning

Please make sure that any unnecessary electrical equipment is shut down or switched off (including electric hot water systems that could be on timers) and also make sure that any gas-fired boiler controls are set correctly to make sure you are not unnecessarily heating water or the building. It is important for us to also remind you that, where you do shut down hot water systems, on your return for the new academic year you need to make the relevant provisions to counteract any possible legionnaires risk where water has been allowed to sit for a number of weeks.

If you do not plan to use gas over the summer period and do not have Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), please take a meter read and send it to when you break up and we’ll notify Corona of this so that you are billed nil consumption over the holiday period. Please then take a read on your return and again pass it to us and we’ll make sure Corona bill to the correct read. Please be aware that if you do consume gas when you said that you wouldn’t, you will then receive a catch-up bill.

We would also like to remind schools that there are still places available on the Ashden LESS CO2 programme that we will be starting in the new academic year. This FREE series of four workshops has been very popular and has seen many East Sussex Schools saving energy and money. For more info and to register your interest go here:

Should you require any further advice or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team on

Paul Hardman
Paul Hardman
Energy Efficiency Officer - Energy

Phone: 01273 336167