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02 Jul 2018
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Apprenticeships Update

We wanted to share some great news with you about apprenticeships, and let you know whats on the way!

Thank you to all of the schools that have engaged with the new apprenticeships route so far; we are pleased that we have been able to support so many of you in using funds from the levy to benefit your schools.

We have some great news stories to share with you:

Firstly, congratulations to our learners undertaking the Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship. We have started to get exam results through and we are hugely proud of the hard work and great results being achieved. We have recorded scores of 100%, 98% and 92% so far. This is a fantastic achievement. 

Secondly, we want to welcome our learners that have joined the Council's first Degree Apprenticeship Programmes. We now have multiple learners undertaking Degrees which are fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. It’s a great achievement that we have learners studying at all levels and all ages, gaining the opportunity to grow and learn new skills.

In addition, all of the teaching support staff undertaking professional qualifications are progressing well along their paths of learning and development. It's wonderful to see so many of our staff undertaking recognised qualifications through the apprenticeship route. These roll on roll off qualifications are available to all learning support/teaching support staff, and we would be keen to see more of our staff undertaking these for their CPD.

In terms of what's next...

We will be running a cohort of learners undertaking the new School Business Professional Apprenticeship Standard starting late September/Early October.

Thank you to all of you that have already expressed an interest in this qualification. There are a range of job roles that this apprenticeship relates to including: Bursar, School Finance Officer, School Office Manager, School Administrator and Business Support Officer. The apprenticeship gives the learners the required essential qualification to be able to apply for/undertake the School Business Manager. Anyone interested in this qualification should contact Kim Larkin at or . We will need to hear from you soon, so that we can appropriately plan the numbers and logistics of the training with the provider.

Kim Larkin
Kim Larkin
Apprentice Programme Coordinator

Phone: 07736 485896