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02 Jul 2018
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08 Jul 2018
Singing CPD for music leaders - Developing Sound Vocal Leadership

FREE from Glyndebourne and the East Sussex Music Hub on Monday 9th July at Glyndebourne.

Part of the Songs to Share series of workshops.

Developing Sound Vocal Leadership

This is your chance to explore diverse aspects of vocal leadership and vocal health with one of the country’s top specialists. This practical session will include elements of vocal technique and sound practice to safeguard and develop young voices as well as the teacher’s voice.

The session will be led by the remarkable Mary King - international vocal coach, writer, broadcaster and performer and vocal talent consultant at Glyndebourne.

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Who is it for?

Primary, secondary, trainee and peripatetic teachers are invited to come together to develop skills to use in the classroom through creativity, reflection and sharing good practice.  


Monday 9 July, 5.30 – 9.30pm


Old Green Room, Glyndebourne

Who will lead the sessions?

Mary King’s multi-faceted career encompasses roles as a performer, coach, writer and broadcaster. She has appeared in concerts and operas all over the world and is a leading exponent of contemporary vocal music. She has a high profile career as vocal coach for a wide range of choral, operatic and musical theatre groups, as well as solo performers. She also writes and broadcasts on TV and radio. Currently, she is working as Glyndebourne’s Vocal Talent Consultant.

To find out more and register, please visit our website.

Simon Lock
Simon Lock
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