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25 Jun 2018
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Change4Life’s Train like a Jedi - help your pupils start a galactic adventure this summer!

This article provides details of the new Star Wars™ inspired ‘Train Like a Jedi’ resources for schools (including flexible cross-curricular lesson plans/activities suitable for KS1 and KS2); and describes how schools can encourage children to be active this summer as part of the Change4Life and Disney campaign.

Change4Life and Disney, with the support of Sport England, have joined forces to launch a brand-new Star Wars™ inspired ‘Train like a Jedi’ programme that will take children on a galactic adventure and inspire them to be more active.

As you will know, there are plenty of benefits to getting your pupils moving. Evidence suggests that physical activity has positive links with academic achievement, increased attention span, improved self-confidence and better physical health and fitness. However only 23% of boys and 20% of girls currently meet the daily national recommended level of activity of 60 minutes.  

This summer, the ‘Train Like A Jedi’ programme will help children build confidence and learn new fitness moves and techniques that will help them master the ways of the Jedi and keep them healthy. Double Olympic gold taekwondo champion, Jade Jones helps children learn basic Jedi moves through a follow along video. The Jedi skills then support the next part of the journey – a series of secret challenges during the summer holidays!

The Jedi skills and secret challenges will help children improve their technique, stamina, speed, strength and agility. They will also help contribute to the recommended physical activity guidelines for children and young people; at least 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous activity.

To encourage your pupils to ‘Train like a Jedi’ this summer visit the Change4Life School Zone (an online hub for primary teachers which provides curriculum-linked materials and inspiration to help you teach children about healthy eating and being active) where you will find a number of Train Like A Jedi resources to start your school’s galactic adventure:

  • Whole-school assembly presentation
  • Follow along video featuring double Olympic gold taekwondo champion, Jade Jones.
  • PE lesson plans suitable for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Whole school activity ideas.

Playground activities, lesson starters, school council and club ideas to help you plan ahead for September will also all be launching soon!

To help families continue the fun over the summer holidays your school will be receiving Star Wars themed take-home packs arriving between 18th June and 13th July as part of your School Fruit and Veg Scheme (SFVS) delivery to share with pupils.

 How can I encourage my pupils to start an active adventure this summer?

Keeping your pupils active has never been easier - simply visit the Change4Life School Zone, download your Train Like a Jedi Toolkit and follow these simple steps:

  • Share the whole-school assembly presentation with your class to get pupils excited about going on an active adventure.
  • Deliver your PE lesson or ‘Train like a Jedi’ session using the lesson plans; helping young people to improve their physical skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination, and inspiring them to be active beyond the lesson.
  • Hand out the Shake Up Suitcase worksheets for children to complete in class and put the Shake Up Passports in book bags ready for pupils to use over the summer. The passports also include stickers that children can use as a reward for doing their Shake Up activities.
  • Use your Parent Mail, website, newsletter and social media to encourage families to search ‘Train Like a Jedi’ online to encourage them to take part in the series of secret challenges during the summer holidays and sign up for Change4Life emails, filled with tips and offers to keep your kids active over the summer (and beyond).
  • Encourage all staff to sign up to access the Change4Life School Zone newsletter
  • Consider how you might incorporate your ‘Train Like a Jedi’ activities within your whole-school health improvement action plan.
  • Your ‘Train Like a Jedi’ activities may also provide a great opportunity to help keep up the excitement and momentum created following your school’s participation in Beat the Street.
  • You can also access additional physical activity resources to support promotion of the Star Wars™ inspired ‘Train like a Jedi’ programme through the East Sussex County Council health promotion resources webpages. By signing up, you will be able to access a range of leaflets and posters, teaching aids and online material (across a variety of health promotion topics) for free.


Not part of the SFVS?

If you’re not part of the SFVS, you can order your ‘Train Like a Jedi’ resources (from the Campaign Resource Centre from the 27th June 2018, or you can download the Train Like a Jedi’ Toolkit from the Change4Life School Zone


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Anna Card
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