Virtual Schoolbag (VSB)

25 Jun 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries of all schools
Priority / Urgent
29 Jun 2018
Reminder: Changes to Childcare Vouchers

The Council's Childcare Voucher scheme provider is changing. To continue receiving vouchers, employees must register with the new provider by 29 June.

Further to VSB 2018/165, published earlier this month, this is a reminder that the Council's Childcare Voucher provider is changing. Please remind staff that, if they haven't done so already, they must sign up with the new provider by 29 June.

All affected employees should have received a letter direct, but if in doubt then please direct them to the registration instructions available on the Webshop. If you are aware that an employee has changed address recently, then please also take this opportunity to update Employee Services on their new address.

If your school currently provides paid childcare and receives voucher payments from ESCC employees, our new provider Gemelli will contact you in due course to ensure you are registered with them as a provider.

Please note that this change will not affect Academies, who make their own arrangements for staff benefits and Childcare Vouchers.



Nicholas Earley
Nicholas Earley
HR Consultant

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