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25 Jun 2018
Governors, headteachers of all primary, special, all-through schools
Headteacher Report Templates

The Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service produces a range of resources for schools to use to support school improvement. Existing resources include a pro-forma for a school improvement plan (SIP) and guidance on writing the plan and a template for a school’s self-evaluation documentation and guidance; these have been updated for the new school year.

o Updated school improvement plan guidance and template
o Updated self-evaluation documentation guidance and template

We have recently produced some new resources for headteachers to use when reporting to their governing board. These will be useful for headteachers either as a benchmark to compare their own reports against or to adopt as a reporting tool. The resources will also be useful for governors as an example of good practice and to know what type of reports they should be expecting. These updated reports include:

o Guidance for completing the LA model templates for reporting pupil outcomes
o Report Outcomes template: Early Years Foundation Stage – Year 6
o Reporting Outcomes template: SEN and higher attaining pupils
o Guidance for Headteachers on reporting to the governing body
o Headteacher Reporting template (General report)

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