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18 Jun 2018
Headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants of all primary, special, all-through schools
Priority / Urgent
KS2 writing re-moderation and appeals

Following the completion of cluster moderation, thank you all for engaging positively with this process and taking time to prepare. We are now in the rounds of the statutory school moderation visits which will be completed by 22 June.

25 and 26 June re-moderation and first stage appeals:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you have children who at moderation were on the cusp of the next standard, then you may have already arranged for re-moderation (either having booked to attend a re-moderation meeting at St Mark’s House in Eastbourne, or having arranged to send additional pieces via email). If you haven’t, but have children for whom there is further evidence to support your judgement, please do book or contact Jean Bates to make arrangements.

If the school disagrees with the judgements made by moderator, and wishes to challenge the outcome of the moderation process, then we would also encourage you to log an appeal with the LA Moderation Manager, Suzy Buist. The school will then be invited to an appeals meeting where a different moderator will examine the evidence. This will take place at the same time as the re-moderation process.

If you are appealing a decision, as opposed to submitting for re-moderation, ONLY the evidence seen by the moderator at the initial visit can be considered.

27 June inter-LA moderation:

If, following the local appeal, the school still disagrees with the outcome the evidence will then be taken to an inter-LA appeal panel by the LA moderation manager. If your school goes to inter-LA appeal you will be updated immediately after so that you can still meet the submission deadline. The decision of the Inter-LA panel is final.


Schools are invited to upload their data from the 25 June to allow time for LA based sense checking. The final submission is due on NCA tools on the 28 June.

Next steps:

If you wish to book a slot for re-moderation or to commence the appeals process please complete the attached forms and return to


Appeals Form

2018 East Sussex Moderation Appeals Procedure

Laura-Jane Marshall
Jean Bates
Administration Officer

Phone: 01323 466866