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18 Jun 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, headteachers, ict technicians of all schools
SIMS Admin Portal Patch

If your school uses any of the SIMS online products such as Parent App (full or lite) Options, Activities etc you will notice the following message appear on each screen:

'Action Required

Data Transfer Patch

Your SIMS Online Service Data Transfer patch is out of date. The latest patch includes changes to help make your school GDPR compliant, please click the link below to download the latest patch.

SSM Client Package

Your SIMS Online Services Client SSM package is out of date. The latest package includes changes to help make your school GDPR compliant, please upgrade to gain this functionality.'

We have released this patch to all schools. If you are an IT10 or 11 we will apply this patch for you. For all IT12 schools you will need to apply this patch and tick the box next to the following statement on the SIMS Usage section in the SSM.

'I agree to enable the sending of anonymised SIMS usage statistics (e.g which menu routes have been invoked and which features have been used)'

If you need any help with this process please do contact Schools ICT Services on 01273 482519.

Georgina Rowlands
Georgina Rowlands
Senior Training Officer

Phone: 01323 747096
Email: georgina.rowlands@escc.internal