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11 Jun 2018
Business managers, bursars and secretaries, governors, headteachers, ict technicians, pastoral care leaders, sencos, teachers and teaching assistants of all schools
Priority / Urgent
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URGENT: Fraud Alert

We have received details of a sophisticated fraud attempt on a school.


A Bursar has received an email apparently from the Headteacher asking for an urgent supplier payment to be made. The senders email address was ‘spoofed’ to appear genuine, and after some email correspondence regarding the transfer the Bursar went into the school during half term to establish why this payment needed to be made. The fraud was only identified by the Bursar after finally reaching the Headteacher by telephone, who knew nothing of the request.

Please advise all finance staff to be wary of any email request for payment and ensure that purchasing controls are followed on all occasions.

We are seeing an increase in the volume and sophistication of such attempts which are often targeting individuals using social engineering tactics. It is highly likely that other city schools have been targeted in a similar way, if you have received any such correspondence please forward this to Internal Audit.

Thank you for your continued vigilance.

Richard May
Richard May
Business Development Manager

Phone: 01273 481641