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11 Jun 2018
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Commercial data providers accredited by the DfE - information

Since the summer of 2017 the Department for Education (DfE) have accredited eight commercial providers to have access to their data sets.

These commercial providers then provide data analysis for schools, at a charge. The eight providers are:

  • Alkemygold Ltd (ALPS)         
  • Arbor Education Partners      
  • Asset for Schools       
  • FFT     
  • For Schools Support Ltd        
  • Maze Education         
  • National Consortium for Examination Results (NCER)
  • Software for Data Analysis Ltd (SDA)

SLES contacted the eight organisations and asked them to provide us with some brief key information on the services they provide to schools. We have collated this information to help schools understand what is on offer. Please note the information is only as accurate as the information we were provided with and costs do vary, even within each provider, so we were unable to provide indicative costs.

East Sussex Children’s Services Data Services provide a competitive Comprehensive Key Stage Data Package (DS01) which includes FFT Aspire and NCER’s Perspective Lite. Please visit for more information.

Some other commercial providers of tracking systems for use across school, but not accredited to use the DfE data sets are:

  • 4Matrix
  • EES 4 Schools (Target Tracker)
  • Capita (SIMS)
  • Classroom Monitor
  • Angel Solutions (Balance)

This is not an exhaustive list.

SLES has not contacted these organisations or included them in the information sheet as we have focused solely upon DfE accredited providers.

Link here to the DfE accredited external data providers information sheet.

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Bill Roddick
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