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30 Apr 2018
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SIMS Parent App Lite - The FREE SIMS tool to help you with GDPR and data collection sheet management.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, schools will have new requirements around the way they use pupil and parent data.

Included within your SIMS annual entitlement fee, the SIMS Parent Lite app helps schools comply with the new GDPR data requirements, by providing a simple way to collect, manage and handle information by obtaining accurate data securely from parents.

Supports GDPR data accuracy

Collect the most up-to-date data about students and their parents, to comply with the GDPR requirement for accuracy of data.

Available on iOS, Android and a browser, the SIMS Parent Lite app provides a convenient and accessible solution for parents to electronically review and request changes to the data held on them and their children.

Schools have the ability to send notifications to parents, reminding them to update their details, reducing manual data entry and eliminating paper based data collection.

Safe data transfer

Utilising the power of SIMS ID, the SIMS Parent Lite app allows users to use an existing email account to login, removing the need for a school to manage user accounts.

Parents can provide additional information on crucial details such as medical information or dietary requirements, using the text information function, ensuring that personal information not previously held in SIMS is collected.

Supports data upkeep

When a parent has submitted a change request, automatic emails are sent to nominated SIMS admin accounts. Administrators are able to view previous requests and details of any action taken via the audit trail within SIMS.

The benefits in summary;

  • Available on iOS, Android, and a web browser
  • Ability to send notifications to parents reminding them to update their details
  • Parents can electronically review and request changes to the data and any crucial details held on them and their children
  • Nominated SIMS admin accounts receive automatic emails when a parent submits a change request
  • Audit trail within SIMS allows administrators to view previous requests and details of any action taken
  • Allows users to use an existing email account to login, removing the need for a school to manage user accounts
  • Manual data entry reduced, and paper-based data collection eliminated

Please note: You must have parent/contact emails in SIMS for this product to work correctly

The SIMS Parent app - the full app solution

Capita also have the SIMS Parent app, the full version of the SIMS Parent Lite app which is a complete solution for providing parents with insight into their child's daily school life. With the full app, schools also have the ability to give parents an understanding of attendance, school reports and conduct, along with homework, timetables, Text/Email solution and now includes SIMS Activities.

Click here for more information on the full SIMS Parent App product

What do I need to do next?

We are recommending that all schools complete a thorough tidy of their SIMS, running all housekeeping routines as specified on our Parent App Lite Checklist. This is to ensure that data (previously only able to be viewed by school staff, which will now be viewable by parents) is tidy, complete and free of errors. The Checklist can be found on our Czone page

How can I find out more?

We are running Preparing for the SIMS Parent App Lite half day courses, which cover in detail all the routines we expect schools to complete before we release the Parent App Lite to them.

The next dates for the course are;

Thursday 17th May (AM and PM Sessions available)

Tuesday 22nd May (AM Session available)

To book on, please complete the Schools ICT Training Booking Form, also found on our czone page, and return to or call 01323 747068.

How do we get the Parent App to roll out to Parents?

If you are a Premier (IT10) School, the technical aspects of setting up the SIMS Parent App Lite have been completed for you.

If you are an IT11 School or IT12 School we are able to provide you/your technician with the details you/they need to complete the setup of this product.

All Schools are responsible for completing their own housekeeping of SIMS data and completing the roll out of the SIMS Parent App Lite to parents.

Please contact Schools ICT Service on 01273 482519 if you require additional support.

Kate Box
Kate Box
Training Consultant

Phone: 01323 747068