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13 Dec 2017
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Support available to schools participating in the East Sussex school health improvement grants programme 2017/18

This article provides details about the support available from the East Sussex School Health Service to assist schools in developing whole-school health improvement action plans and grant expenditure proposals.

ESCC Public Health is delighted that over 180 schools are continuing to develop and deliver exciting plans to embed activities to promote health and wellbeing across their school or college, building on activities during the first phase of the programme in 2016/17.

The East Sussex School Health Service continues to be available to support participating schools to develop plans for use of the £7,000 health improvement grant during 2017/18.

The dedicated team can provide schools with further information and support on:

  • using your Health Related Behaviour Survey data (where available);
  • updating or completing your school health profile and whole-school health improvement action plan;
  • preparing and submitting your expenditure proposal (which is needed before delivering health improvement activities using the grant).

Support available to support schools at each stage of the process includes:

  • telephone support and advice;
  • training and information sessions/workshops;
  • guidance on consultation & engagement, action planning and effective interventions;
  • review of draft documents and grant expenditure proposals, and;
  • support to monitor, record and evaluate your activities.

As part of the support available, the School Health Service is running a number of one-to-one sessions from December to April 2018. These sessions are on:

Appointments are usually every 30 minutes but please feel free to discuss your individual requirements. 

If you would like to book space or have any questions about the school health improvement grants please contact the East Sussex School Health Service:

Please ensure that you book an appointment via:


Please contact Luke Drunis on 07884 862139 or Chris Sculthorpe on 07391 860997. 

The team will confirm your appointment by email.

Further guidance relating to the school health improvement grants project is available on Czone

The initiative forms part of a comprehensive programme of activity to improve health through the Personal and Community Resilience work stream of the East Sussex Better Together; and as part of the Connecting 4 You in the west of the county

Ross Boseley
Luke Drunis
Health Improvement Specialist

Phone: 07884 862139
Chris Sculthorpe
Health Improvement Specialist

Phone: 07391 860997