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13 Dec 2017
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Updated Penalty Notice Documentation

Updated documents and guidance have been published in respect of the Penalty Notice process for holidays in term time and unauthorised absence.

Some of the updates include:-

  • The Code of Conduct and Guidelines documents clarify that the decision to request a Penalty Notice is made solely by the head teacher of the school and not by the Local Authority.   


  • A new document has been created that provides a process flow chart and template letters for the unauthorised absence/lates process, also known as the “10 in 10”.


  • There is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document for schools which you may find helpful.  One has also been created for parents which has been saved on the ESCC website.


  • The Penalty Notice guidance document now provides advice and a template letter for the scenario where a parent has not made a request for absence and has just gone away on holiday.  We have also covered the scenario where it is felt that a holiday has been extended, for example where only 4 days of holiday has been requested (which wouldn’t incur a Penalty Notice) but the child is “sick” on the fifth day.


  • The form ‘Request to ESBAS to issue a Penalty Notice” has been updated and clearly shows the information required.  This form should be completed and submitted with each request.


  • The leaflet ‘Request for Leave of Absence during Term Time’ has been updated and is now saved on CZONE and the ESCC website.  The leaflet clearly states to parents what the process is to request absence, what is not considered an “exceptional circumstance” and what will happen if their request is unauthorised. 


  • It is the preference that all Penalty Notice requests are now sent electronically rather than being sent in hard copy via the courier.  We are then able to respond directly to your email to confirm when the PN has been issued.  Please send requests to

All of the documents and advice regarding Penalty Notices can be found on CZONE via the following link:

For your information, please find the following link to the relevant pages on the ESCC website which can be accessed by parents:

We hope that you find the updated information helpful and please do not hesitate to contact ESBAS if you have any queries regarding the Penalty Notice process now or in the future.

Adam Brazier
Adam Brazier
Senior Co-ordiantor

Phone: 01273 481967
Sharon Faben
Office Manager

Phone: 01273 481967